Etsitkö vuokralaista tai oletko myymässä toimitilaasi?

Brokerage services

Are you looking for a tenant for your vacant premises?

Finding suitable tenants for vacant premises often requires extensive visibility and a large number of contacts from property seekers. Tuloskiinteistöt markets vacant business premises through all of Finland’s major portals, and we also carry out targeted marketing.

The information we have at our disposal – combined with our versatile marketing, large advertisements and lengthy experience – helps property owners to fill vacant or soon-to-be-vacant premises.

Ota meihin yhteyttä ja etsitään yhdessä vuokralaiset.

Are you selling your business premises?

Drawing from our vast experience, Tuloskiinteistöt offers comprehensive brokerage and advisory services for the sale of business premises and investment properties.

We take care of all aspects of our client’s transactions, and carry out our commissions carefully, professionally and with a proactive, goal-oriented approach.

Our sales services help property owners to get the best possible price for their property. We prepare attractive listings, use our extensive network to market properties, and efficiently handle negotiations with buyers. We are involved at every stage from receiving offers to signing the deed of sale.

Our lengthy and diverse expertise in property brokerage achieves the best possible result for our clients. We know the market and its participants and their needs – which is a clear advantage when trying to identify a broad range of potential buyers or sellers.